Interested in engaging with the newest presentation technology? Then you may need to learn more about NionCom’s MemoryKick Vision Tablet, which is an offshoot of the MicroVision Arrow mini-tablet. The device can be used in a multitude of manners – from managing media and enhancing productivity of business matters to dealing with gaming applications. For the presenter searching for a product capable of increasing productivity in all sectors of his or her work life, the NionCom MemoryKick Vision Tablet may be the right device. Here’s how the product impacts presenters:

1. Go-to document storage

With 500GB to 1TB of hard drive capacity, the MemoryKick Vision tablet allows presenters to place every single presentation document on the device. Some of the file types presenters can load include PDFs, Word docs, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, and ImageAMMO. Presenters who work with hours upon hours of video will want to check out this device, as it is capable of storing nearly as much video has you could ever want – way more than you could store on an iPad.

2. Ultimate connectivity to systems

It’s HDMI port gives presenters the ability to view anything on their operating system on a large screen. According to TechFeatured:

“This is a feature unique to the Vision™ tablet. Other tablets and mobile phones simply can’t do this.”

Source: NionCom Announces Introduction of the MemoryKick Vision Tablet with an Embedded Projector

3. Controlled file management

The screen on the MemoryKick Vision is 4.3” and it has an extremely special feature – an embedded laser projector. For presenters on the go, this tablet could provide them the flexibility they need when presenting in different places and spaces.

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