Logitech and Microsoft teamed up to create the Logitech SmartDock for conferences and collaborations. Your company could realize the advantages of utilizing this product in company meetings and conferences. Let’s walk through the big ticket items that concern the Logitech SmartDock and why it is transforming the standard meeting room.

The News

This product provides specific AV solutions for business meeting rooms. You can purchase the Logitech SmartDock in conjunction with a bigger Skype Room System Package.

The Features

The Logitech SmartDock includes a variety of interesting features, but a select few stand out. For example, the SmartDock has HDMI input and output, along with gigabit Ethernet and a few USB 3.1 ports, according to a recent Deccan Chronicle article.

The Benefits

If your company operates on Skype Room Systems-certified products or Logitech Conference Cams, the Logitech SmartDock will serve as a great addition to your AV meeting room toolbox. This product allows individuals to conduct and direct video calls from virtually anywhere. Furthermore, collaborating through content sharing functions seamlessly due to HDMI with 1080p 60fps input. Lastly, the inclusion of one 5-meter cable combining HDMI, USB, LAN, and power achieves simplicity in the meeting space.

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