Some presenters work with the microphone a venue offers to them. Others prefer to maintain control over their presentation microphone. We compiled a list of some of the top microphones for presenters exploring the auditory landscape in search of the perfect instrument to deliver their message. Here are four of Ethos3’s favorite devices:

1. Sennheiser Speechline Digital Wireless Microphone

This digital wireless microphone is the first instrument dedicated solely to optimizing speech. Since the audio system is built into the device, presenters without adequate audio education should consider purchasing the Sennheiser Speechline Digital Wireless Microphone. Set-up is a breeze with automatic frequency management, which eliminates any reason to perform manual functions to find open frequencies. Not only does the microphone automatically scan and pick up frequencies, but it also automatically adjusts audio levels to produce the highest quality sound. Overall, the major advantage of this device is its ability to be customized and to adapt to various venues and uses. This means that a presenter could bring this microphone to nearly any facility – confident that sound quality will not be compromised. 

2. Shure BLX2/PG58 Handheld Transmitter with PG58 Microphone

An important fact to note about this particular microphone is its primary limitation: it must be used with BLX wireless systems. On the other hand, its pros outweigh its cons. Pro, this microphone has an approximately 14-hour battery life. With its low weight, 1.5 pounds, the Shure BLX2/PG58 Handheld Transmitter with PG58 Microphone, J10 would be a great addition to the traveling presenter’s presentation pack. If you are interested in buying the Shure PG58 microphone, make sure to look carefully at the different options. For example, you can get a device specifically designed for live vocals and podcasts or voiceovers, karaoke, and other uses.

3. Carllte Lavalier Clip-On Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone

Looking for a low-cost, high-quality, lightweight, and portable microphone to record your life-changing presentations? Search no farther than the Carllte Lavalier Lapel Microphone Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone. The device is utilized best for enhancing vocals or video speech through Apple iPhones and iPads, Windows smartphones, and a majority of Apple computers. Equipped with a 59-inch cable, this microphone provides the flexibility and range needed to present in just about any setting – from video chats and auditoriums to classrooms and films – in almost any way that is most comfortable to the specific presenter.

4. GoSpeak! Pro Portable Presentation Speaker and Amplification System with Wireless Microphone

It’s pricey, but it’s also got the bells and whistles any presenter could desire. From a balanced sound and volume level throughout a venue to a touchpad remote and wireless microphone and receiver, the GoSpeak! Pro Portable Presentation Speaker and Amplification System includes all of the auditory essentials.

By no means is this a comprehensive list of all of the microphones on the market worthy of some presentation action. However, it’s a good place to start for any presenter. To discover more about presentation tools to improve your talk, read the following articles:

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