Use Presentations To Create Video Marketing Magic

If you’re trying to get more reach with your digital marketing campaigns, consider bringing your visual content to life with movement.

There’s no denying the power of movement when it comes to generating interest online. When you add a little motion to your message, the impact of your content is instantly improved.

If you already have, or plan to create, presentations for your business, you can use the slides from your presentation to produce exciting visual content that moves, and as a result, captivates your audience.  Presentations can easily be transformed into beautiful videos, as well as GIFs, the not-so-distant cousin of video.

When you consider that 76% of millennials follow brands on YouTube, and the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%, there is no excuse to not create video content to improve your marketing results.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you use the power of movement to get more mileage out of your presentations.

1. Animoto

With Animoto, you are just a few simple steps away from creating videos for your online marketing campaigns.

To start creating videos from your presentation slides, the first step is to save your slides as pictures. This is as easy as opening your presentation in PowerPoint and using the File menu to select “save as pictures.”

Then, simply follow along as Animoto guides you through the video production process.


The video creation process is quite simple, however it does have some limitations. When using free, or low-cost options such as Animoto, you lose the ability to customize every aspect of your video. 

With a little effort, time, and potentially an upgrade to a premium subscription to Animoto, the video below could be improved. However, as you can see below, a minimal investment of time and energy can still result in a lovely little video clip that is easy to share on social media, or embed in a blog post.

2. Slidely

Slidely is similar to Animoto, but it also has different template options and product features that separate it from Animoto slightly. I suggest trying both to see which is the better fit for your needs. Slidely is free to use, but upgrade options are available if you want to unlock more advanced options for your videos.

Like the Animoto sample video shown above, the video below could also use some refinement, however in the example below you can see the quality that is possible to achieve with Slidely after a relatively insignificant investment of time.

Animoto and Slidely simplify the video creation process, however it is also relatively easy to create videos straight from PowerPoint. Check out this blog post to learn how to use PowerPoint to create videos.

3. GIF Deck

There is no doubt GIFs are different from videos, however like videos, GIFs are a great way to engage viewers. There’s something about that little extra dash of movement that separates videos and GIFs from the ocean of photos and text that cover the internet. 

To create GIFs from your SlideShare presentations, simply copy and paste the SlideShare url to Change the settings if needed, and then hit submit; GIFdeck then quickly transforms your SlideShare presentation into a beautiful GIF that you can post in a variety of places online. 

slideshare gif


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