Creative Ideas For SlideShare Presentations and Content

When developing your personal brand or growing your business online with content marketing, the well of creative ideas can quickly run dry. After a few weeks or months of developing compelling content, generating fresh content ideas can become a bore and a chore.

To help you overcome the challenge of generating an abundance of exciting ideas for content, here are 7 creative ideas for your next wave of SlideShare content.

1. Tell Your Story

Storytelling is a powerful technique for connecting to your audience in a memorable and meaningful way.

To take advantage of the benefits of storytelling, create a presentation that tells your personal story, or the story of how and why your company was founded.

For example, this award-winning presentation introduces Ethos3 with an illustrated story:

The most compelling stories start with a complication or problem, and lead to a resolution or moment of transformation. When crafting your story, ask yourself, what complications sparked inspiration in my life, or for my company? 

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2. Show “How-To”

People love content that provides helpful information that can be utilized immediately.

To give your audience tips they can put to good use, create how-to content in the form of presentations, videos, and/or eBooks. Or, create an easy to follow visual how-to guide by designing an instructographic like the one shown below.


To create compelling instructographics, ask your audience what they want to learn, and then outline the steps to help them achieve their goal. The example above would be a perfect fit for a brand that wants to connect to an audience of home cooks with a passion for cheese, sandwiches, or simple, satisfying meals.

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3. Share Information

If your audience craves tips that cannot be easily visualized in the step-by-step style of an instructographic, you can still create visual, informative content that will delight and inspire viewers.

For example, Ethos3 created the presentation below to share information about rehearsing for an upcoming presentation:

To create helpful, visual content for SlideShare, take inspiration from some of your top performing blog posts. Transform one of those informative blog posts into a beautiful presentation that outlines the best insights from the popular post. Or simply pick a topic relevant to your platform or product and share the best information that relates to that topic.

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4. Inspire With Quotes

I think quotes are so popular because they are succinct nuggets of wisdom that can be easily read, remembered, and repeated for instant inspiration. Whatever, the reason, it seems that most people loves quotes these days, and your audience is likely no different.

Create content that your audience will celebrate and share by designing a presentation based on quotes that relate to your business or personal message, like the example shown below:

Finding quotes that are relevant for your audience should be a simple and fun task. For example, if you write books about business, compile a list of inspiring quotes from business leaders. Or, if you manage marketing for a fashion brand, design content that shares quotes from fashion experts.

Once you have designed your presentation of quotes, remember to utilize all of your slides by sharing each individual slide as a unique social media post. 

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5. Promote Your Partners

Sometimes the best way to get attention is to put the spotlight on someone else. 

Since your partners and allies likely share a similar audience or are aligned in some way with your mission, creating content that promotes your partners is an easy way to tap into your partners’ audiences and also stretch your content beyond your normal topics.

For example, the infographic below is one of our top performing pieces of content, and brings high-quality traffic to the Ethos3 website:

evernote tips

When brainstorming ideas for content, create a list of partners or allies that you can promote. Identify the most influential people or businesses on that list and create content about their product or their story. Once you create the content, remember to forward it to your partner and ask them to share it with their followers. 

For more examples, check out the resources included below.

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6. Summarize A Resource

Similar to promoting your partners, summarizing a resource is a great way to leverage someone else’s success, while also helping them out by exposing their resource to your audience. In addition, summarizing a resource is an easy way to reach outside your area of expertise.

For example, check out this presentation that Ethos3 created in collaboration with author Nir Eyal. The presentation summarizes some of the key takeaways of Nir’s book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products.

To summarize a resource, think of books, guides, and studies that your audience will love, and then share some of the key points from that resource in your visual content. Ideally, you will create this type of content in collaboration with, or with the consent of the original author, however if you do not reveal all of their best insights, your content will still likely be applauded by the original creator because you provided free advertising for them by teasing their more comprehensive work in your content.

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7. Have Fun

Last, but not least, remember to create some content that will entertain your audience.

I always tell content creators to design content that will help their audience, and entertainment might not seem to fit that mold, however everyone needs to have at least a little bit of fun every day. Therefore, creating content that spreads joy is helpful in a special way.

The Ethos3 video below is an example of fun content that still aligns with our brand mission:

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How do you come up with creative ideas for SlideShare content?

Share your ideas with us on Twitter by tweeting us at @Ethos3.

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