Here is the ugly truth about presentations: They take time and effort to successfully create. Yep, it is true: Presentations require work, especially during the research and content development phase. To simplify your research process, try these tools and resources.

1. Phlo

Summary: It’s your one search box that searches everywhere.

phlo app

2. Papers

Summary: Papers helps you collect and curate the research material that you’re passionate about. From citations to search, Papers will improve the way you find, organize, read, cite and share.


3. Advanced Search on Google

Summary: Narrow down search results for complex searches by using the Advanced Search page. For example, you can find sites updated in the last 24 hours or images that are in black and white.

google advanced search

4. Search Operators for Google 

Summary: Search operators are words that can be added to searches to help narrow down the results.

google search operator

5. Buzzsumo

Summary: BuzzSumo provides insights into the most popular content online and the influencers sharing it.


6. Flipboard

Summary: With the world’s best sources organized into thousands of topics, it’s a single place to follow the stories and people that matter to you.


7. Feedly

Summary: A single place to read your favorite newspapers, magazines and blogs.


Conclusion: Try these 7 tools to take the pain out of presentation research. For additional resources, check out:

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