Visual content is a necessity for almost all modern marketing initiatives. To consistently produce a high volume of aesthetically interesting visual content, marketing professionals must continually expand their creative vision to include unexpected approaches to design. In addition, marketers must grow their technical design skills to efficiently and effectively create high quality visual content.

To sharpen your technical design skills, as well as elevate your creative vision to include advanced approaches to visual content, watch the Ethos3 Presentation Design Tutorial below. By watching the Ethos3 tutorial, you will learn how to integrate text into photos. With this new presentation design skill, you can create presentation slides that are memorable and compelling.

For example, the presentations below include slides that were designed using this technique. As you can see in these presentations, the text appears to be a part of the scene in the photo, instead of a separate layer on top of an image.

Conclusion: By integrating text into your photos, your fans and followers will love the sophisticated style of your visual content. To arm yourself with additional skills for beautiful designs, watch PowerPoint Tutorial: Use Color Overlays with Photos by Ethos3.

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