Writing, designing, and practicing presentations takes a lot of work. Thus, presenters are often extremely busy people. To deliver dynamic presentations without dropping the ball on other personal and professional tasks, presenters must be efficient and innovative in their approach to all of their responsibilities. Presented in a colorful motion graphics video, these 5 productivity tips will help you get more done, with less effort. Trust us, you will love the ease and simplicity of these tips.

1. Take vacations.

Every 10 hours of vacation can improve your productivity by 8%.

2. Work for 90 minutes. Break for 20 minutes.

Syncing with natural energy cycles can improve your focus.

3. Prioritize and delegate.

Professionals spend an average of 41% of their time on discretionary activities.

4. Exercise.

Exercise can improve your focus for 2-3 hours afterwards.

5. Just start.

According to the Zeigarnik Effect, your brain compels you to finish what you start.

Conclusion: Successful presentations start with smart work habits. However, as tip #3 teaches, delegation is sometimes the smartest way to complete a task. If you need someone else to prepare your presentation, contact us today. We will make your presentation a winner.

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