Evernote is on a mission to help you work smarter and discover organizational zen. From inspiration to achievement, Evernote is where your work takes shape. Write, collect, find, and present, all from one workspace. 

Because Evernote is the perfect tool for compiling research and inspiration for presentations, we love Evernote at Ethos3 and also recommend Evernote to Ethos3 clients.

Below are 33 Evernote tips. Each tip is simplified to the snackable and shareable size of 140 characters or less. Skim these 33 nuggets of wisdom and then move on to the fun task of making things happen in Evernote.

1. Use the Evernote Web Clipper to save anything you see online – an entire page or one specific section. @ITProportal http://ethr.ee/1rNWszW

2. Keep all receipts and invoices in Evernote, and have @Expensify automatically create an expense report. @Evernote http://ethr.ee/1ElMhb3

3. Back up your blog in Evernote with @IFTTT app. Then, import posts into a mind map for new topic ideas. @JenniferTribe http://ethr.ee/1v9mtsc

4. To encrypt sensitive text, select text, right-click, then select “Encrypt Selected Text” option. @Minterest http://ethr.ee/1rNRCmi

5. With @FastPencil, authors can create and distribute a book in Evernote, “from start to publish.” @Evernote http://ethr.ee/1xitybA

6. Use the search box to manage to-do lists. Type todo:false to look for unchecked items in all of your notes. @MGuhlin http://ethr.ee/1rNSJ5C

7. Keep your inbox uncluttered. Use your Evernote email address to funnel newsletters into Evernote. @MichaelHyatt http://ethr.ee/1rNTcEG

8. Carefully curate web clippings. Save web articles to @Pocket for review. Send the best articles to Evernote. @JamieTR http://ethr.ee/1rNV9kv

9. Create a Table of Contents for each notebook so you can quickly access notes from the list of titles. @Bettnet http://ethr.ee/YQDixK

10. Don’t type notes during a presentation. Instead, click the microphone icon in Evernote to record audio. @12Most http://ethr.ee/1oCvtm2

11. Create notebooks for projects and important topics. Tag strategically to make notes easy to find. @SchneiderB http://ethr.ee/1oCBQpk

12. If you keep lots of sensitive information in Evernote, use two-step verification for extra protection. @KatieFloyd http://ethr.ee/ZtY47b

13. Create checklists for: books to read, items to pack, goals, to-do reminders, groceries needed, and more. @Evernote http://ethr.ee/ZwtBWn

14. Master Evernote’s Post-it® Note Camera for iOS 7. Automate organization of your notes based on color. @DanHedrick http://ethr.ee/YU4kUW

15. Attend @Evernote conference to learn from thought leaders such as @ReidHoffman @TFerriss @DontTryThis @JamieNoTweet http://ethr.ee/1vH3GEO

16. Use Evernote Food to save recipes, tag pics of meals, and peruse suggested recipes and restaurants. @WashingtonPost http://ethr.ee/1vATNdP

17. Scan business cards into Evernote. Information from LinkedIn profiles will populate business card notes. @LinkedIn http://ethr.ee/1xiupJm

18. To merge several notes, select the notes, hold Shift, and then click the mouse. @PCMag http://ethr.ee/1rA69CT

19. Use Penultimate for “the natural experience of pen and paper with the flexibility and syncing of Evernote.” @Evernote http://ethr.ee/ZwuXQV

20. Get an in-app or email reminder. Click the alarm icon within a related note. Then select a time. @BusinessInsider http://ethr.ee/1vdE2Y8

21. Use Skitch to annotate PDF versions of your notes with arrows, circles, and other visuals. @Mashable http://ethr.ee/1rAj6Nb

22. To view all of your images that have searchable text, search for recoType:handwritten or recoType:picture. @Labnol http://ethr.ee/1rAjISW

23. Get organized for tax season by scanning receipts with a Fujitsu ScanSnap Evernote Edition. @KristiFarm2Tbl http://ethr.ee/ZwjrF8

24. Use Presentation Mode to quickly transform notes into slides perfect for an impromptu meeting. @TheLocalist http://ethr.ee/1oF7rXq

25. When you set goals, write a motivational letter to your future self. Set a reminder to reread the letter. @Evernote http://ethr.ee/ZwnLEl

26. “Give your handwritten notes a digital life with Evernote Notebooks by Moleskine.” @Evernote http://ethr.ee/ZwoQMk

27. Make Evernote even more awesome with apps: @UberConference @EasilyDo @CloudMagic @Azendoo @Boxer @Zapier @Glympse http://ethr.ee/ZwqdKR

28. Use Evernote Clearly to make “blog posts, articles and webpages clean and easy to read.” @Evernote http://ethr.ee/Zwuv58

29. Enable “related results” in the Web Clipper to see any of your notes that match your web search queries. @Evernote http://ethr.ee/1xhpacF

30. Set up @IFTTT parameters to backup your favorite posts from your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. @TutsPlus http://ethr.ee/YQwlgh

31. Search for source:mobile to find notes created on your mobile device. @Evernote http://ethr.ee/1xhpacF

32. With @Postachio, publish Evernote content as a blog. With Evernote Premium, you can add Google Analytics. @Evernote http://ethr.ee/1uQZF3U

33. Have an upcoming presentation? Compile research and slide design inspiration in a notebook. @Ethos3 http://ethr.ee/1vANEhZ

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  1. This HustleCon thing seems actually a damn good idea! We don’t have anything similar in Spain, where the gap between techies and startup founders seems even wider, while still having the hard-coded misconception about how those two things have to be necessarily intertwined in some way (if you want success, that is).

    Financial issues aside, events like this would probably prove useful for a country sunk on fear.

  2. […] 33 Evernote Tips, in 140 characters or less. This post was written by Leslie Belknap Leslie is the Marketing Director of Ethos3. Evernote is on a mission to help you organize your ideas and information into one beautiful digital workspace, as well as increase your productivity. With so many features and product offerings designed to help you escape information overload and discover organizational zen, Evernote can be difficult to define; it can essentially be customized to fit the needs of every user. To put it simply: From inspiration to achievement, Evernote is where your work takes shape. Write, collect, find, and present, all from one workspace. Around the Ethos3 office, Evernote is used in a multitude of ways. […]

  3. […] 33 Evernote Tips, in 140 characters or less | Ethos3 – A … – 33 Evernote Tips, in 140 characters or less Posted by Leslie Belknap | October 17, 2014… […]

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