Forbes dubbed SlideShare the quiet giant of content marketing; with over 60 million global users and 500 percent more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, it is clear that SlidShare is worthy of such a bold title.

Get the most out of this hefty marketing tool with these 33 Twitter-friendly SlideShare tips:

33 SlideShare Tips, in 140 characters or less from Ethos3 | Presentation Design and Training

1. SlideShare decks with strong headlines, detailed descriptions, and backlinks rank high on search engines. @Wishpond

2. Embed your SlideShare presentations across multiple platforms: Twitter, blogs posts, and landing pages. @Marketo

3. Don’t use SlideShare for self-promotion unless you can effectively soften your pitch with humor or humility. @Forbes

4. Present your content in 3 acts: Why it Matters, How it Works, and the Call to Action. @LindseyKirchoff

5. Go long and dig deep! Studies have shown that lengthier SlideShare presentations (60+ slides) perform best. @HubSpot

6. Direct traffic to your website or blog by including your URL in your SlideShare presentation. @SusanGunelius

7. On the last slide of your deck, use a call-to-action to send traffic to a landing page with a lead form. @Convince

8. Follow the rule of “less is more” with slide design.  Don’t use too much text or over-complicated charts. @SlideShare

9. Don’t place an image in the center of a presentation slide.  Instead, enlarge the image to fill the slide. @Buffer

10. Book speaking engagements with a Pinterest board of your SlideShare decks, your quotes, and photos. @ChicGeekAcademy

11. After delivering a presentation, share the SlideShare URL with your audience so they can review it later. @Mashable

12. Get more mileage out of existing content by transforming it into a presentation for SlideShare. @CMIContent

13. Give your SlideShare deck a creative theme that captures the essence of your main idea. Try something fun! @Ethos3

14. Use storytelling techniques in your presentation to keep viewers clicking to the next slide. @SteamFeedCom

15. The most common tags on SlideShare: business, market, trends, research, social media, and statistics. @ToddWheatland

16. Create presentations for a specific audience. Know their interests. Know their concerns. Give solutions. @Ethos3

17. The opening slide must be punchy and well designed. It’s the visual headline for the entire presentation. @HerbertLui

18. Make your presentation easy to find. Use tags, and select the most appropriate category for your topic. @Canva

19. You can use 3,000 characters in SlideShare descriptions; the first 160 characters are the most important. @Sewatch

20. People love visual metaphors! Consider including one in your SlideShare deck to keep viewers engaged. @Ethos3

21. Boost your credibility. Embed your SlideShare content into your LinkedIn profile and long form posts. @Ethos3

22. Mix it up. Add infographics, videos and documents to your SlideShare profile. @SlideShare

23. Write a creative title for your presentation. 80% of readers never get beyond the title. @HeidiCohen

24. Understand the traffic flow to SlideShare. 20% of visitors come to SlideShare directly from Google. @CMO_com

25. Know the SlideShare audience. The most commonly searched words are marketing, social media and Facebook. @GAbramovich

26. Design like the pros. Use the “Rule of Thirds” when creating the layout for your slides. @SlideShare

27. When creating a chart for a presentation, edit intensely. Highlight only the critical information. @SlideShare

28. 5 Steps to Creating a Gorgeous Presentation: Brainstorm, Moodboards, Design Comp, Full Draft, and Review. @SlideShare

29. Don’t overwhelm your audience. Only present three main ideas in a single presentation. @Ethos3

30. Use creative stock photography to improve your presentations.  Avoid photos that look fake or ridiculous. @Ethos3

31. Use the “Lessig Method.” Put less information on each slide, and increase your slide count.  @Ethos3

32. Use color wisely in presentations. Avoid the “Vibrating-Color Headache” by using bright colors sparingly. @SlideShare

33. Production value affects your credibility. Create visually compelling slides, or hire a designer. @KippBodnar

SlideShare is one of the top 120 most visited sites in the world; use this massive amount of traffic to boost your marketing campaigns by uploading visually compelling presentations to your SlideShare profile.

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