“Content builds relationships. Relationships build trust. Trust drives revenue.” – Andrew Davis

Build great relationships and drive revenue by taking your content marketing skills to the next level of awesomeness with our 33 content marketing tips. Each tip is expressed in 140 characters or less so you can quickly skim through a serious amount of brilliant ideas, and then get busy putting your new insights into action.

1. Write. “60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its site.” @ReferralCandy http://ethr.ee/1rbWhPN

2. “…think about your audience before you start, but know that you will only know so much. Then listen.” @JerodMorris http://ethr.ee/Y73BiD

3. “It’s better to have a much smaller audience that is targeted than a larger one that doesn’t convert.” @NeilPatel http://ethr.ee/Y73BiD

4. Create a calendar. Plan content in advance. Simultaneously create multiple pieces on related topics. @CMIContent http://ethr.ee/1v1lQTx

5. When creating a content plan, emphasize “evergreen topics that are true to your core product offering.” @B2Community http://ethr.ee/1v5nZO0

6. Content formats include: Article, Ebook, Presentation, Video, Graphic, Photo, Podcast, Email and Webinar. @Lakey http://ethr.ee/1v0YvBn

7. Content must be able to answer: ‘So what?’ Provide content that has meaning. Don’t create fluff. @MarketingProfs http://ethr.ee/1vj5XqH

8. Create helpful, unique content. Be conversational, and provide clear takeaways. @LoriRTaylor  http://ethr.ee/1rbXoyX

9. Audiences want stories. Connect with your community by sharing stories. @MarketingLand http://ethr.ee/1xkM5GW

10. Make a genuine connection. Describe a real experience to enhance educational material. @SEJournal http://ethr.ee/1ysSSA1

11. Consider using live events and thorough case studies to increase brand awareness and engagement. @KISSmetrics http://ethr.ee/1puqNOb

12. Create videos. “By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco.” @Guardian http://ethr.ee/1ysRjBY

13. “Seek out the most influential people in your industry to create content for your brand. ” @EntMagazine http://ethr.ee/1v1jHHp

14. Format to create skimmable content. Write short paragraphs. Segment with headings. Bold key points. @Econsultancy http://ethr.ee/1v0WpRZ

15. Be title-savvy. “…sources say that 80 percent of readers never make it past the blog post’s title.” @HuffPostSmBiz http://ethr.ee/1CpnL6U

16. State clear benefits in headlines. “We need to build positive, meaningful experiences, not clever taglines.” @Forbes http://ethr.ee/1ysTPs3

17. “60 is the optimal character number for blog titles shared on social media.” @Captora http://ethr.ee/1xkzgMS

18. Skip the sales pitch. Use your content to provide information that your clients will enjoy. @SocialMedia2day http://ethr.ee/Y6PrOn

19. Always use visuals. Content with imagery gets 94% more views than content without. @SEWatch http://ethr.ee/Y66L62

20. Remember mobile. “Short-form, mobile-friendly micro content will be the new strategic darling.” @JayBaer http://ethr.ee/Y6E4pC

21. Use data. Know which content pieces are contributing to business growth. Plan future posts based on metrics. @Forbes http://ethr.ee/1xkBrzV

22. Track session duration. A 3-minute visit is 2x as likely to result in a return visitor as a 1-minute visit. @OneSpot http://ethr.ee/1viMHtC

23. For SEO, use internal links. Within your content, add links to other relevant content pieces on your site. @NeilPatel http://ethr.ee/1xkDZhC

24. Be easy to find. Use SEO tools such as meta tags, descriptions, and URL structure to boost your rankings. @DoriFern http://ethr.ee/1xkHLHR

25. Google rewards content that is: semantically comprehensive, long form, media enriched, and easy to read. @BuzzSumo http://ethr.ee/Ycxu15

26. “Don’t forget the marketing in content marketing.” Habitually share your content via multiple channels. @HuffPostBiz http://ethr.ee/1ysVe1z

27. Create alliances. Abide by “The Law of Reciprocity.” Regularly promote content published by others. @SusanGunelius  http://ethr.ee/1ysQZDf

28. Build an email list. Share content with your audience via their inbox. @CoSchedule http://ethr.ee/1v1rgOu

29. Consider hosting webinars to convert blog readers into customers. @NeilPatel http://ethr.ee/Y6NeSY

30. Turn existing content into presentations. Speak at events. Post slides to SlideShare; embed into content. @DonLoper http://ethr.ee/ZSf9Yo

31. Use tools to help develop, distribute, and measure content. Try: @BuzzSumo @Mention @TrackMaven @Addvocate @Ethos3 http://ethr.ee/1ysTiGz

32. Persist and be patient. “Content marketing (just like most things in business) is a marathon, not a sprint. ” @Clickz http://ethr.ee/Y6560t

33. Get started. “Companies with an active blog generate 67 percent more leads per month.” @JaysonDemers http://ethr.ee/1xkCz6F

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Question: What piece of advice would you give to other content marketers?

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