Looking for a way to give your productivity a boost? Every now and then, we all need a kick in the pants (or swivel chair) to get going and stay motivated. Here are 33 unique ways to increase your productivity today, all within 140 characters or less for convenient sharing!

1. Just start. Starting a task makes it easier to finish; our brains are wired to complete tasks. via @HuffingtonPost http://ethr.ee/1qw1v9g

2. Work in short bursts.  You can do more in less time, if you’re focused and energized. via @HuffingtonPost http://ethr.ee/1qw1v9g

3. Be unavailable during your peak performance hours, so you can use your energy for big projects. via @FastCompany http://ethr.ee/1nMqwFa

4. Quit whining. “You don’t have to ‘feel like’ doing something in order to do it” – Oliver Burkeman via @FastCompany http://ethr.ee/1nMqwFa

5. Forget perfection. Get things done. If you aim for perfection, most tasks will never be completed.  via @FastCompany http://ethr.ee/1nMqwFa

6. Increase productivity by 16% by taking 20-minute breaks in between 90-minute work sessions. via @GregoryCiotti http://ethr.ee/1rh3egC

7. Take a vacation. For every 10-hours of vacation, performance improves by 8%. via @NYtimes http://ethr.ee/1nMsRA2

8. The best performers across many disciplines work in 90-minute sessions, for no more than 4-hours a day. via @NYtimes http://ethr.ee/1nMsRA2

9. Create a productive office space. Warmth and natural light make us happier and more productive. via @Buffer http://ethr.ee/1rh7kFf

10. Take a nap. Recommended nap time varies from 10-minutes to 30-minutes. Pick a length that energizes you. via @Forbes http://ethr.ee/1rha05L

11. Practice meditation. Studies prove mindfulness meditation improves concentration and strengthens memory. via @Buffer http://ethr.ee/1nsZ3yf

12. Wake up earlier. Studies suggest that many successful CEOs start their day before 6am. @OPENForum http://ethr.ee/1wR14Us

13. Go offline. The Internet, social media, and email are all productivity killers. @Forbes http://ethr.ee/UmRBHQ

14. Make a to-do list. It can give you the feeling of accomplishment you need to be more productive. @FastCompany http://ethr.ee/1p2fTiF

15. Plan out your week in advance. Adding some discipline in your routine will help prioritize what’s important. @Inc http://ethr.ee/1rE2Dom

16. Have someone keep you accountable. The pressure may be enough to keep you firmly on track. @AskMen http://ethr.ee/1yQLI5j

17. Apply some enthusiasm to your task. It’s how Jerry Seinfeld maintains momentum and keeps up his energy. @LifeHacker http://ethr.ee/1sFqKFK

18. Finish your least favorite task first. This will encourage you to get to the stuff you enjoy doing. @DailyMuse http://ethr.ee/1qwNxnp

19. If you can, take one day a week to work from home. It can be a distraction-free place to work. @Bi_Strategy http://ethr.ee/1p7PmUa

20. Learn to say “no.” Creating a stricter daily schedule for yourself can help eliminate distractions. @Buffer http://ethr.ee/WyEOE9

21. Turn important tasks into habits. The habitual routine will make the work feel comfortable. @CreativityPost http://ethr.ee/WyEWDM

22. Delegate tasks when possible. Use the extra time to focus on larger goals. @EntMagazine http://ethr.ee/1tr4ZqU

23. Break up your tasks into chunks, and then work until you’ve completed one chunk. @PsychToday http://ethr.ee/Un0r8l

24. “My single most effective trick for getting things done is to stop doing what I’m doing and get some sleep.” – Arianna Huffington

25. Reduce your to-do list to only 2 or 3 items. Keep it simple and avoid becoming overwhelmed. @CopyBlogger http://ethr.ee/1sFCM22

26. Make some time for wasting time. Schedule your breaks so they don’t turn into lengthy procrastinations. @Mashable http://ethr.ee/1jRSPHg

27. Consider using offline tools. A whiteboard, a large notepad, or a sheet of printer paper. @AliciaJaybird http://ethr.ee/Ukx0Ei

28. Buy a real-life alarm clock to set reminders. The one on your phone will only tempt you into procrastination. @E27Co http://ethr.ee/1mwQLiC

29. If it’s a task that will take five minutes or less, tackle it now! @EdGandia http://ethr.ee/1lmKTZB

30. Work where you feel most comfortable, but don’t feel confined to one place. @VentureVillage http://ethr.ee/1qwVIA4

31. Work in 10 to 15 minute increments using a timer for bursts of efficiency. @CIOonline http://ethr.ee/1nbqT00

32. Eat a big breakfast. It’s proven to energize you and make you more productive throughout the day @LifeHackOrg http://ethr.ee/1u8sxF7

33. Turn your to-do’s into physical appointments and scheduled events to keep your checklist short. http://ethr.ee/1zY2j8M

We hope that these tips have given you the sufficiently painful “kick” to get started on your to-do list, 5-year-plan, or whatever daily goal you have in mind today. Check back to see more great Tweetable wisdom in the “33 Tips” series!

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  1. jonstallings says:

    Thanks Leslie for this lists. I have been using compfight and photopin but they are not always the best results.

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