Simplicity matters. Period. As a presenter, you always need to make this one of your primary objectives.


In this episode, I specifically call out an interesting study by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. It’s one of the best cases for why you should keep your message simple.

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One response to “The Power of Simplicity [Video]”

  1. TNTuri says:

    Over 15 years ago I made a presentation at a large financial services company. It was an important semi-annual update presentation in front of a large group of executives. It was full of numbers and charts. So were all the other presentations made that day by execs from other business units. I knew people would be bored and tired of charts & numbers so I made my presentation different.
    I focused in on one overriding message/theme throughout the presentation. Something memorable, even if they forgot the specifics around the numbers and charts. A phrase that encompassed the current condition of the business unit. Sometimes, I still run into people at airports that repeat the phrase I kept hammering home in the presentation…a single phrase they remembered 15 years later!

    I agree with you Scott. When you prepare your presentation, think about the one single most important message that you want the hearers of your presentation to go away with, and hammer it home above all else!

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