Looking for a great book on presenting to boost your skills? “The Power Presenter” is a must-read for all public speakers. Whether you are presenting to a group of 3 or 3,000, Jerry Weissman’s strategies will improve the way you connect to your audience. Learning the impact of body language, content, and visuals in your presentation will give you a greater sense of awareness and set you up to succeed.

Weissman has previously helped CEOs of Cisco, SanDisk and other Fortune 500 companies. There are also case studies on well-known presenters like George Bush, Martin Luther King and JFK, which help bring Weissman’s principles to life.

What’s Hot:

The importance of knowing, reading, and adapting to your audience is critical in order to become a successful presenter. Weissman introduces the idea of MMP, or the “Mental Method of Presenting.” The initial step reduces adrenaline by focusing on eye contact with individuals. Speaking to the audience one individual at a time allows the presenter to have a more conversational tone and gain positive empathy from the audience. This also allows the presenter to gauge audience reactions and adjust accordingly. The goal of the presenter should be to generate head nods, which assures that the audience is engaged and understands the information that is being relayed.

What’s Not:

By covering a number of different areas and having separate strategies for each one, it’s easy to lose sight of the “big picture” in the book. Each of chapter stands alone as complete ideas, but lacks some cohesiveness.

The Bottom Line:

Whatever your presentation struggle, Weissman’s experience and strategies will help you improve and become a more successful presenter. If your hang up is adrenaline-driven behavior, you will learn how to calm your nerves by caring about the audience instead of focusing on yourself. If you have difficulty creating a compelling narrative the “Seven Steps of Story Development” will help you engage your audience. Do you battle using visuals, speaking with your body language, and controlling your cadence? Weissman can help! Being an effective communicator has the ability to impact your influence, your cause, and even your income; reading this book is time well spent.

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