There’s a huge population of business professionals out there for whom the word “presentation” connotes far more than a formal opportunity to stand on stage with a remote and click through slides. For these presenters, presentations aren’t speaking engagements; they’re ubiquitous opportunities to clarify internal agendas, create external sales opportunities, or merely organize routine business conversations.

Obviously, we believe that just about every conversation can benefit from a structured agenda with graphics, visuals and information that help the audience, whoever that may be, listen and discuss with the appropriate context. In fact, as a general rule of communications, setting the appropriate context for discussions is often far more important—and far more difficult—than persuasion, even.

But how do you effectively control the conversation across multiple environments? How can you ensure seamless presentation delivery anytime? What if you can’t be there, or what if your message needs to spread faster than your own legs can carry you?

ClearSlide has answers for these situations. Here are a few key reasons you need to consider it for your presentation delivery vehicle:

1. No Plug-ins: You know those awkward times in web conferencing where everyone just sits around shooting the breeze because a few key people don’t have the WebEx or GoToMeeting plug-ins to join the conference? That doesn’t happen with ClearSlide. You get your own URL and cloud-based storage where you can upload your presentations, so when it’s time to deliver, people just go to your URL and it’s pitch time.

2. Lose the Projector, Maintain Control: You don’t always have the luxury of a great projector and screen when you pitch. And sometimes, for smaller meetings, that’s just overkill. With the URL feature, everyone can access the presentation via their personal device, whatever that may be. Moreover, because you’re driving the slides at the URL, you don’t have to worry about people flipping ahead or falling behind.

3. Analytics: Wouldn’t it be nice to have special landing pages whenever you need them for certain messages? What if you could capture the leads when people watch those presentations you keep on your LinkedIn profile page? One solution is to develop custom landing pages on a constant basis—a huge expense. But with ClearSlide, you can create publicly accessible presentations including lead forms and analytics and know exactly what the reach of your message is.

4. Collaboration: Because ClearSlide recently purchased SlideRocket, the same liberties you get from ClearSlide on pitch delivery now apply to the presentation development process. Collaborate on decks with peers wherever they are, and when you’re done, it’s right there for whoever has access rights to the deck to use whenever opportunities arise.

ClearSlide’s services offer new levels of freedom and insight to the modern presenter. If you’re a frequent presenter needing more flexibility and capability in your pitching, you owe it to yourself to go check them out:

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  • lizasperling

    Great review, although I am admittedly biased. My favorite line: "Maintain control". Salespeople are often at the mercy of technology, rather than at the helm. It's time to change that relationship! If you have any questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to reach out.

    Liza Sperling

    • leslie

      Liza, Thanks for your comment! As you can tell, we love ClearSlide!

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    Vinay Bhagat
    Co-founder & CEO, TrustRadius

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