Ethos3 is proud to announce the launching of an Ethos3 satellite that will orbit the Earth, promoting powerpoint peace across the planet and galaxy. If aliens want to project a message to humanity, Ethos3 will be there to provide presentation services for cosmic communication.

Just kidding. Ethos3 is not launching a satellite into space, but we are launching a satellite office in the Appalachian urban oasis of Greenville, SC, located half-way between Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC. We are doing the happy-dance with excitement at the Ethos3 Nashville headquarters.

Greenville was once named Pleasantburg, and it is easy to see why this serene mountain city earned that complimentary name. Surrounded by mountains and waterfalls, and infused with an artistic and entrepreneurial spirit, Greenville has a magnetic charm. The magnetism of the Greenville region has attracted many other innovative and prominent businesses, that we will now be able to call our neighbors and friends. Greenville is the perfect location for a new Ethos3 office, and we could not be more excited about it.

If you’re in the Greenville area, give us a shout out. We want to be friends.

Join us in celebrating this great news!

Check out these breathtaking pictures and video of our second home, Greenville, SC:























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  • Welcome to the Greenville community. I know that Ethos3 is going to be a great fit and gift for Greenville!!!


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