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The first thing that stood out to us about SOAP Presentations “52 Presentation Tips” SlideShare deck is how consistent the design is throughout. The color scheme, illustrations, typography and layout all lend the deck a high level of consistency, which is always an important design element. We like how SOAP used two colors primarily– orange and white– with grey occasionally thrown in there as well.

We also admire the layouts used by SOAP in the deck. They are consistent enough to maintain unity between slides, but they are also different enough to keep the viewer interested from beginning to end. The illustrations are wonderful, particularly because of their simplicity and the overall tongue-in-cheek tone they convey. (See slide 11 with the mime, slide 20 with the man & the megaphone, slide 36 with the lock and slide 42 with the robot. Each conveys the same cheeky, fun tone.)

The next big thing that caught our eye about this deck is how each of the tips, thus each of the slides, is a standalone piece. A viewer could save whichever slides he or she particularly resonated with, and they would form a nice takeaway deck from the presentation. SOAP does a great job of integrating graphics with typography throughout the deck, which is fun and again, visually interesting for the viewer.

Our only notable suggestion to improve SOAP’s SlideShare deck would be to create more of a framework for the 52 tips. The slides seem like they would make great posters rather than be apart of a 50+ slide deck, and the deck ends abruptly with a question rather than a final takeaway, or call to action. The presentation would have benefitted from having bookends– introductory and concluding slides conveying the main takeaway– on either side of the 52 tips.

Despite that criticism, the presentation’s content is exceptional. The 52 tips are straightforward, effective and easy to implement. We like how the deck is split into four different topics to help the viewer focus on the particular section at hand. And we were happy to see some tips clearly attributed to Robert McKee, which is commendable as it increases transparency and thus, credibility.

Great work, SOAP Presentations! We’ll be on the lookout for your next deck!

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  • Thanks Ethos! I am one of SOAP founders and I am very proud of receive this high level of feedback from you that are also considered reference in our field.

    I hope one day we can share experiences and knowledges.


    Joni (from Brazil Office)


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