Wake Up Brain! from Ethos3


One characteristic that’s particularly notable about this SlideShare deck is how the designer used very literal visuals throughout. This certainly isn’t a deck composed of visual metaphors. On the contrary, it’s full of very clean, very clear visual interpretation, i.e. day (rendered visually with a sun) and night (a moon), work (a tie) and play (several beers). But it’s worth noting that the visuals aren’t any less impactful because of their literalness. It’s quite the opposite in fact: The obviousness of the visuals leaves a strong impression, and it allows the viewer to take in the concept quickly and with little effort. Remember: Never make the audience think!


If you have the ability to break your presentation into multiple sections, or numbers like in “Wake Up Brain!”, by all means– do it! People like lists. Think of how many lists you write every single day; consider how much likelier you are to read a blog post that’s broken up into sections. Always have an objective slide for each category, and make sure the objective slides are look similar to one another, so there will be no doubt in the audience’s mind that they’ve come to a different objective, and thus should be prepared to learn about a new topic altogether.


This “Wake Up Brain!” deck uses colors wonderfully. We typically recommend sticking to just a few different colors throughout your presentation, but this deck is a good example of how to use a wide variety of colors in an interesting and effective way. Although each of the five objective sections have a different color scheme, the slides within each objectives can a similar color scheme. That’s an easy way to use multiple different color schemes within one presentation. Also, always play up contrasts in colorIn the same vein as with contrasts in typography, using contrasting colors on the same slide catches and engages the eye (see slide 8’s mixture of contrasting black & yellow as an example).



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