If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re borderline obsessed with Evernote here at Ethos3. We use it to craft presentations, save design inspiration, tell compelling stories, and we love using all the extra add-ons. We didn’t think it could get much better, but after playing around with the new Evernote 5 for Mac beta version, we realized how wrong we were. Here’s what you need to know about the latest and greatest version of Evernote.

Sexier Sidebar

Evernote 5 has a whole new interface, and the best thing about it is the sexy left sidebar. Essentially your gateway to everything, it’s now better than ever. Our favorite improvement here is “Shortcuts,” which is where you can drag your favorite, most-used notes, notebooks and tags for quick access. Also new to the sidebar is “Recent Notes,” which houses your five most recently-edited notes, so you can jump back to them quickly. Lastly, you’ll have easy access to each section of Evernote with the click of one dedicated (notes, notebooks, tags, atlas) button.

Craftier Collaboration

Another notable improvement in the latest version of Evernote is how much more integrated it is for sharing and collaborating with others. This is a particularly important upgrade for the presenter who uses Evernote to collaborate with others on a presentation. Now all your notebooks, shared and personal, are housed in the same place, and you can search across all shared & personal notes at the same time.

Also, there’s a share button on each notebook for quick sharing access, and the button will remain visible on the notebook if it is a shared notebook. Lastly, there is a really neat activity feed in the new Evernote version, which allows you to stay up-to-date with who made what changes in a shared notebook. This last improvement is an awesome resource for the presenter who is collaborating with many others on a presentation, especially because the activity feed updates in real time.

Location, Location, Location

One of the coolest new features of Evernote 5 is the addition of “Atlas,” which is basically a note visualization tool that allows you to find notes & notebooks based on the location where you took them. Evernote says wistfully that you’ll have richer, more vibrant memories if you can remember where you were when you took each note. That idealism aside, think about how helpful Atlas is just to remember where you were when you took each note.

Consider the possibilities: maybe your most creative notes all come from a certain location. Atlas allows you to recognize that pattern, and then you can tailor your brainstorming accordingly. Likewise, maybe you jotted down a few inspirational observations and you want to find out where you were when you did that. With Evernote’s Atlas feature, that’s now possible.


You can download the beta version of Evernote 5 right now, and also be on the lookout for the new and improved iPhone and iPad versions of the program. They’ve improved these mobile versions to be speedier, allowing you to get wherever you need to go in just one or two taps. Happy Evernote-ing!

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