Live Experience & Artificial Intelligence: Creating More Personal Experiences With Big Data from Ben Grossman



The first thing that struck our eye about Ben Grossman’s Slideshare deck on “Live Experience & Artificial Intelligence” is his use of color. We love the simplicity of his color scheme, as he primarily uses only four colors: white, black, grey and orange (with blue thrown in there a couple times). This keeps the deck simple yet visually interesting, and Grossman does well to use contrasts in the colors (i.e. orange against white, blacks and greys for emphasis) to emphasize important points. Grossman also uses type size and weight to his advantage, making the focal point of each slide crystal clear to the viewer. This smart use of varied type size and contrasting colors guides the audience’s eye to the most important bit of content on each slide.

We also like Grossman’s choice of imagery throughout the deck. The photos he uses are consistent throughout, and the white background helps to keep the message simple and the photos unified. Using a white background is a good trick for any designer creating an image heavy deck like this one because it draws immediate attention to the imagery. Also with a white background, you don’t have to worry about cutting images out or keeping every image a square or rectangle.


Grossman embraces the rule of threes throughout his deck, which is always an ideal way to organize a presentation. He splits his deck up into three distinct sections, and we like how he uses the same objective slide to highlight which point he’ll be touching on next. The content is spot-on throughout… If you didn’t know much about the topic when you first started clicking through, you’ll certainly learn a lot.

Grossman uses a myriad of secondary sources, which he does well to cite at the bottom of the slide. We like that he supported his points with lots of evidence, including data and quotes from experts. And we also appreciated how he avoided the Curse of Knowledge, and gave the audience background information on what artificial intelligence actually is, for those who didn’t know (like us!).



The only real criticism we have about Grossman’s deck is that some of the slides have too much content on them. Slides 19, 20 and 21 that speak to the “Three Attendee Mental Modes” are each a good example of where Grossman could have split content up onto multiple slides. We’re sticklers for always defaulting to more slides in lieu of placing all information on one.

That minor criticism aside, Grossman’s deck is compelling and interesting, in regards to both content and design.

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  • Thanks for the presentation break-down, guys! I appreciate all your kinds words and the constructive thoughts on 19-21. Glad to see folks as passionate about presentation design as I am!


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