Digital marketing 2013 market trends – EBriks Infotech from Jitendra Jat



The first thing we noticed about EBriks Infotech’s SlideShare deck is how well they followed the most important characteristic of presentation design: big visuals and little text. Most slides in the deck are big, full-page images, which is very visually compelling for the viewer.

Also, we like that the deck is not template-based. The layouts change; the text is placed in different places. This kind of variety keeps the viewer interested. We love how the visuals have personality and a good sense of humor, too.


The purpose of the deck–– a discussion of digital trends for 2013–– is clear from first glance, which is an important achievement for any presentation. Ensure that the main point, or main thesis, of your presentation is obvious from the outset, so your audience knows exactly why they’re viewing or listening to your presentation.

This deck is full of a lot of great info, and the designer did well to show the trend simply (with only few words) and then follow it up with several slides revealing examples of the trend. And as we mentioned in the design section, much of the deck is humorous and tongue-in-cheek, which we like a lot, as it keeps the viewer engaged and entertained.



The majority of the weaknesses found in EBrik Infotech’s SlideShare deck come on the design side of things. Generally speaking, the designer relied too heavily on the pink text boxes that highlight text throughout the deck. It wasn’t always necessary, and the text would have benefitted from slight variations in size and color. For example, the trend slides could have had a larger type than the example slides; it would have been nice to see more differentiation between points and sections.

Moreover, the designer used screenshots very inconsistently throughout the deck. Some look great (see slides 8 and 11) while others look bad (see slides 13 and 14). The ones that look particularly low-res and amateur tend to be the ones on the black backgrounds. Overall, the deck would have benefitted from a more consistent use of these screenshots.


Lastly (and at the risk of sounding fastidious), there are lots of little grammatical mistakes strewn throughout the deck. One glaring error is the use of ellipses, which have three dots, not two. Also, it’s unnecessary to break up sentences with ellipses when the entire sentence is on the same slide. Finally, there are spelling errors as well, i.e. “nished” = “niched,” “heores” = “heroes. Avoid these small mistakes at all cost. They only serve to distract the audience, which is obviously something you want to prevent.

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