As the content writer and blogger at Ethos3, I’ve been writing about presentations for nearly nine months now. I’ve gotten a pretty good handle on the ins and outs of presentation design over that time, but in terms of actual presenting experience, I must admit I’m still a novice.

Fortunately, that will begin to change with BarCamp Nashville on October 20th. I’ll be presenting “Your Presentation As a Backpack,” and as a dedicated presentation enthusiast here at Ethos3, I better knock this presentation out of the park. Here are a few reasons why I Am BarCamp and So Can You! (Thanks to Stephen Colbert for the title inspiration!)

Learn A Little About A Lot

As a newbie to BarCamp Nashville, I’m excited to learn a little bit about a lot of things. I love that it’s billed as a technology-focused “unconference,” mostly because an “unconference” sounds a lot less intimidating than a conference, and as a typically lethargic technology adopter, these presentations will be shed some much-needed light on important topics.

And of course, as a something of a presentation guru, I’m looking forward to seeing the other presenters and their slide decks. Watching other presenters is a great way to see what you do and don’t like in a presentation, and a great tool to enhance your own presentation skills.

Network, Network, Network

I’m also stoked about BarCamp Nashville because I’m still a relatively new transplant to Nashville. The ‘unconference’ will be a great way to meet interesting people in a fun setting (the idea of networking at a bar sounds a whole lot more fun than networking in a stuffy conference room…). And because only a fraction of our clients at Ethos3 are from the Nashville area, BarCamp will be a great way to spread our company’s name, meet new friends and potential clients.

All Free, All Fun

One of the coolest things about BarCamp is that it’s totally free. Just show up at Tequila Cowboy on October 20, and you’ve got a whole day in front of you to learn about anything and everything, all for free. And because it’s an ‘unconference,’ I’m guessing the stuffiness of the event will be near zero, because really, how stuffy can an event be that’s held at a honky tonk in downtown Nashville? Grab a drink, relax and get ready to listen–– the hardest decision of the day will be choosing which presentations to attend.

So get down to Tequila Cowboy next Saturday, October 20 and get ready to have a good time. Enjoy the honky tonk debauchery of downtown Nashville, make new friends and learn a little bit about a lot of topics.

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