Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed how to use Evernote to prepare a presentation, as well as using it for design inspiration and to create compelling stories. Today, we’ll dive more deeply into the Evernote brand by discussing the other products you can use as add-ons with the program.

These products­­–– Skitch, Web Clipper and Penultimate–– work with Evernote to customize and enhance the user’s experience. Keep reading for a little information about each of them, as well as how they are useful for the presenter.


Skitch is great for those of you who always loved to play with the Paint program when you were a kid (and/or still do now…). The tool allows you to capture, modify and mark up images. Save a photo from the web, for example, and then quickly mark it up to draw attention to what’s important in the image. Once you’ve annotated the image as much as you want, sync it to your Evernote account so that it’s available on all your devices.

This tool is a great resource for the presenter because it’s a great place to take and save quick notes while doing research. Once you find an image that inspires you, annotate the saved image in Skitch with a few notes on what’s important, and then you can refer back to it when you start crafting the presentation. Also, Skitch is a great way to get feedback on your presentation from colleagues and friends. Take a few quick photos of your slides, and send them to friends so they can sketch, edit and make notes directly on the slide.

Web Clipper

We’ve discussed the Web Clipper before, but because it’s really one of our favorite add-ons available with Evernote, we’ll mention it again. The add-on makes saving inspiration for an upcoming presentation ridiculously easy. Find something you like, or something you could use for support or evidence? With one click, Web Clipper will save part or all of it to Evernote, be it text, images, video, anything.

Forget copy and pasting facts and figures–– use Web Clipper to save information with one click to one place: your beloved Evernote account. Then when you’re ready to really begin the process of creating your presentation, you’ll have everything you need to be inspired in one place.


Anyone who loves to doodle, sketch and jot all over a notebook page, but also loves the latest technologies is going to love this Penultimate app. It’s basically a handwriting app for the iPad that allows you to doodle, scribble, write and draw to your heart’s content. It’s lifelike ink and paper make it feel like you’re just doodling in an ordinary notebook, and with Penultimate all those notes are stored and organized exactly as you’d like them to be.

This is another app that’s super helpful for the presenter who likes to organize his thoughts with a pen and paper rather than a keyboard. If pen and paper is the way you’ve always organized your thoughts and created your outlines, but you want to step it up technology-wise, Penultimate is for you. 

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