Who doesn’t love that naughty monkey? Sure he causes havoc everywhere he goes but he’s never boring. Unburdened by consequences, he just goes for it, grabbing that kite string and sailing through the air without looking back.

Through the books, the movies, and the animated series on PBS, Curious George has much to teach us about creating exciting presentations.

Be Curious
That’s obvious, right? But how many of us have repressed our natural curiosity for the sake of getting by? When preparing a presentation, approach your topic with George-like curiosity to uncover fresh perspectives. The questions “Why?” and “Why not?” are your best friends. Why do we wait so long between trips to the dentist? Why not start with stick figures? Curiosity (almost) killed the monkey, but it made for an exciting story!

Friendships Matter
George’s friends, especially the Man with the Yellow Hat, regularly pull him out of a jam. Likewise, if you’re trying to take a fresh approach, lean on your friends and colleagues to give you honest feedback. When exploring new territory, it helps to know that a friend has got your back.

Never Stop Exploring
Despite his numerous setbacks, George never loses his spirit of adventure. That’s why he’s been to space and you haven’t! When you revisit a topic you’ve covered a hundred times before, try to approach it like George. Turn over every rock in search of that fresh perspective. Can you start with a story? What if you wrote the first few slides from the customer’s point of view?

Did you know that when Hans Rey, one of the creators of Curious George, first laid eyes on his future wife Margret (the other creator), she was sliding down a banister? He knew then that they were meant for each other. Hans and Margret created Curious George more than 70 years ago but he’s as fresh now as he was in the 1940s. George’s spirit of adventure is alive in all of us, and it should show through in your next presentation.


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