Last year, we made this same blog post. Well, it’s that time of year again so here is an updated Christmas list. Surprisingly, not a whole lot has changed.

In Ethos3′s epic quest to help others build, design, and deliver better presentations through storytelling we thought it would be fun to share our list of “All We Want for XMas.” After all, our culture loves lists so here is ours:

10. Better PPT Templates: It’s inevitable that people will still continue to use PPT templates even as much as designers encourage others not to include them in their presentations. So, why not have better options?

9. Big Visuals/Minimal Text: Our business culture is making progress on this one, but we are still seeing way too many bullet point presentations out there even in 2009.

8. A Book on Presentation Storytelling: There are lots of great books (Presentation Zen, Slideology, and Beyond Bullet Points) on presentation design and delivery, but nothing is solely dedicated to the art of presentation storytelling.

7. Embedded Video: Stock photography is growing in popularity. We would like to see this same trend with embedded video.

6. Motion Design: We would love to see more motion design in slide decks.

5. Personal Presentations: This is what we call “YOU Decks.” It would be great to see more personal presentations showcased on sites like Linkedin or even sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

4. Honesty and Credibility: We have seen our fair share of “posers.” Let’s bring an end to it.

3. Stories: Humans have been telling stories forever, but we tend to forget the power of a story when giving a presentation. Let’s see and hear more stories.

2. A New Software Platform: Is there something better than PowerPoint or Keynote? We have enjoyed SlideRocket, Prezi, and 280 Slides this year but we would like to see something really outside the box.

1. A Presentation Revolution: Overall, we just want to see some big changes in the way presentations are done today.

And finally… to help get you in the spirit this Holiday season, we have included a fun video below.

Davey Dance Blog -38- ROCKEFELLER CENTER – Mariah Carey – “All I Want for Xmas is You” from Pheasant Plucker on Vimeo

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3 responses to “All We Want for Christmas – A Presentation Wish List for 2009”

  1. todd sharp says:

    Here is your new software platform – live presenting, virtual simulcasting and Twitter monitoring:

  2. […] All We Want for Christmas – A Presentation Wish List for 2009 […]

  3. mary langan says:

    Great post. Agree with everything you say, I’m suggesting a New’s Year’s resolution for the people I train; Try to do at least one presentation without powerpoint in 2010!

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