People fear people. That’s the common reality that surrounds public speaking.

So why do people fear people when it comes to public speaking or giving business presentations? You can spend hours listing the reasons – nervousness, rejection, lack of preparedness, etc. The list can go on and on, but the excuses need to stop here.

It may surprise you, but your audience wants to see you succeed. They want you to win. Here’s why:

People love the bright lights
When individuals attend a concert, play, or even a movie they walk-in with the expectation to be entertained, to be moved and maybe even be wowed. This same cultural dynamic holds true for the public speaking arena. People want to be engaged and they want to enjoy you just as they would their favorite musician or movie star.

People love information
Knowledge is power. Presentations are all about sharing and a great presentation can delicately balance the powers of credibility, evidence, and passion with information sharing. Implement these principles and you are set-up to succeed immensely.

People love value
Time is money. If money is not exchanged, than some other value item needs to be absorbed. Abraham Lincoln did not have PowerPoint when giving the Gettysburg Address, but he still managed to inspire, motivate and change the world. People want monumental experiences. They want to make sure that their time is exchanged with a value-adding item. Give them value and you’ll get love in return.

The adage that people are naturally good is true. People at their core are kind and warm-hearted creatures. Generally, most people in your audience have heard their fair share of presentations and keep in mind that most people under-perform when it comes to presentations. Thus, the audience wants a more fulfilling experience. Seize the opportunity because the audience wants to enjoy you.
People love people. Remember that fact the next time you present.

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