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There are a few reasons why Andy Puddicombe’s TEDSalon talk (delivered in London in Fall 2012) on mindfulness resonated so much with us. The first is how Puddicombe’s topic is conventional yet unexpected. He opens the short 10-minute talk with an obvious statement that most of us probably haven’t given any thought to: “We’re always doing something.” Sure, we are always doing something, but Puddicombe follows it up with a thought-provoking question: “When was the last time you did nothing for 10 minutes?” It’s a poignant question because of how difficult it is to answer, which is what Puddicombe wants to [...]


Ben Saunders poses an interesting question in his recent TEDSalon London talk: “Why bother leaving the house?” He spends an engaging ten minutes answering that question in a sometimes-unexpected way. His talk is powerful, inspiring and truly motivational for the amateur adventurer. Much of the power in Saunders talk results from his poignant storytelling. His own story is an amazing one, as we glean immediately from his profession as explorer. At 26, he was the youngest person ever to ski solo to the North Pole, from Northern Russia to Northern Canada. He didn’t see anyone for 10 weeks during the [...]


Louie Schwartzberg’s TEDxSanFrancisco talk “Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.” from June 2011 is an excellent mediation for this Friday before the four-day holiday weekend. As cliché as it may be, the holidays serve as a great reminder to be thankful for what we have, and to be grateful for the good things in our lives. Schwartzberg’s talk is a beautiful embodiment of these virtues, and while it’s not a typical presentation, there are certainly elements in it that we can use to better ours. Schwartzberg is an acclaimed cinematographer, director and producer, who has spent more than 30 years taking time lapse [...]


We’ve been thinking a lot about creativity the past few weeks, probably because winter is fast approaching. The days are getting shorter, and the urge to stay in bed and hibernate is becoming stronger and stronger. But alas, we have responsibilities and lives to lead, so we must fight the ever-present urge to sleep in and do our best to seize the day. Here are three resources that will help jumpstart your mind and foster creativity. 1. Brain Pickings Maria Popova curates the brilliant Brain Pickings, which is essentially a collection of all things interesting. Her posts cover most disciplines, [...]


We’ve always been huge fans of TED here at Ethos3, so we were super excited to learn that TED talks reached 1 billion views this week. That’s billion… with a B. The much-celebrated talks are moving mountains in the fight against Death by PowerPoint, and for that we applaud them. Here’s three of our favorite TED talks, each exemplifying one of the three cornerstones of presentation design: content, design and delivery. Content – Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight  Taylor’s talk is one of the most viewed on TED with nearly 10 million views. It’s truly an unforgettable 18 minutes, thanks [...]


Vicki Arroyo begins her 2012 TED Global talk on climate change as all great presentations begin: with a story. She points to a photo of a skyline behind her, and says, “This is the skyline of my hometown, New Orleans. It was a great place to grow up.” Right off the bat, we learn something about our presenter, and thus we immediately feel more engaged and invested in what she has to say. Then she presents the difficult truth of the matter: Half of her hometown is below sea level, a fact that doesn’t bode well for the impending consequences [...]