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On August 28, 1963, from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered what is perhaps the most famous speech in American history. His revered “I Have a Dream” speech clocked in at 17 minutes, and has been ranked the top American […]


The day was June 26, 1963, and the location was notable. Nearly two years after the Berlin Wall was erected by the Soviet Union to eliminate movement between East and West Germany, U.S. President John F. Kennedy traveled to West Berlin to show his support […]


One of the biggest movies of 2010 was a poignant story about a man in desperate need of overcoming a debilitating stutter. The man was the Duke of York, Prince Albert, the second son of King George V, who was unwittingly poised to become the […]


We’ve been thinking a lot about creativity the past few weeks, probably because winter is fast approaching. The days are getting shorter, and the urge to stay in bed and hibernate is becoming stronger and stronger. But alas, we have responsibilities and lives to lead, […]


One of our original guiding principles here at Ethos3 is John F. Kennedy’s oft-quoted gem: “The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.” We wholeheartedly believe that a great presentation, or a great speech, can truly change the world. The ultimate […]


Over the past couple weeks, we’ve discussed how to use Evernote to prepare for a presentation and the best ways to use it for design inspiration. Today, we’ll continue our series by discussing how to use Evernote to create compelling stories. As we’ve discussed in […]


As your loyal correspondent for the last nine months, I have something of a confession to make: I’ve had conspicuously little experience as an actual presenter. Given that I write about presentations day in and day out, it was about time I threw my proverbial […]


Remember how crafty we all used to be before sites like Pinterest and Tumblr existed? We’d cut pretty pictures and inspiring quotes out of magazines and tape them proudly into our journals. We’d doodle and jot down pithy little notes to ourselves. Surely there’s a […]


Nashville’s alternative weekly, the Nashville Scene, recently released its 23rd annual Best of Nashville issue and it begins with a declaration: “If Nashville were a speakeasy, these days the world would be tapping on our door whispering ‘Swordfish!’ trying to get in. Call it whatever […]


The main challenge with this ‘all information, all the time’ age we live in is narrowing down the wide selection of media we spend our finite amount of time digesting. What publications deserve our consideration? What television shows, movies, newspapers, magazines, and books should command […]


Even if you don’t recognize the name Saul Bass, you’re most likely familiar with his work. Think of the opening sequences of Psycho and Vertigo; think of AT&T’s and United Airlines’ logos. Saul Bass designed all of that. His legacy still influences the design of the […]


Ben Lerner discusses high school debate and the demise of public speech in Content of Words, which appears in the October issue of Harper’s Magazine. In this short excerpt, Lerner describes the ephemeral threshold he would pass through when speaking in a debate. His words […]


Chances are pretty good that you’re reading this post on a laptop computer, and though you might not know it, you have Bill Moggridge to thank for the clamshell design of your beloved device. Moggridge died at 69 on September 8, and his legacy in […]


Despite the ever-growing attempt to digitalize all aspects of our lives, there remain some occasions when you need an actual, physical card–– celebrating a graduation or birthday, congratulating an engagement or wedding, or simply to say I’m thinking of you. The design of greeting cards […]


Here at Ethos3, we recently had the pleasure of working on a presentation for Best Buddies Tennessee, a non-profit organization based out of Brentwood (about 10 miles south of Nashville). The organization is a true inspiration to us and we’re honored to have had a […]


Typography is one of the more accessible forms of graphic design. Everyone loves an attractive typeface, and with the increasing popularity of visual-oriented blog platforms like Pinterest and Tumblr, great typographic-based designs have become much more prevalent. You don’t need to have an eye for […]