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Presentation Training

There’s a movie where an old has-been sports star comes across a young up-and-comer with big talent and a bigger chip on his shoulder. “Coach”, as we’ll call him, breaks the kid down into a million bits of emotional garbage and then reassembles an athletic masterpiece for all to behold. Trophies are won.

We really liked that movie, so we try to talk as much about your childhood fears as possible when we offer training for your upcoming presentation. Whether it’s just a local Kiwanis club talk or a State of the Union address, we won’t stop talking about the things you didn’t like about your childhood. That is our solemn promise.

The reason, of course, is that we spend so much time in our own shoes that we forget other people don’t know how many times those shoes were taken from us in gym class and thrown into toilets. In other words, we forget that when we’re on stage, everyone thinks we’re a star. Until we trip or open our mouths, we’re often batting around .900-1.000. Learning to channel your inner jock or head cheerleader starts in the mind. That’s where we come in.

In reality, we tend to keep our thoughts about your childhood in our heads. You are welcome to do the same. But when we’re both thinking about it while training you on content, storytelling, design, and delivery, amazing things can happen. So, when the presentation counts, make sure you call in the big guns.