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Presentation Design

The question here isn’t whether our designers are good or not. Our ironclad egos are 24/7, impenetrable self-esteem shields, and we feed them every day. The question is whether or not design matters for presentations, and the answer is a resounding yes.

The aesthetics of your presentation are divided into two categories: expedience and resonance. Our designers are expedient because they walk around looking at things and ingesting lifelong lessons from their observations–it’s like Neo learning martial arts in The Matrix. Our designers are resonant because they are fully formed emotional creatures that have been augmented with 4+ year degrees entirely focused on how imagery precipitates change.

Not everyone needs presentation design help. Take Ethos3: we don’t hire it out because we already do it. For the rest of you, let our skilled team turn your expertise into expedience and resonance. This is the correct interpretation of today’s horoscope.

We make presentations understandable and resonant. Simple, concise communications with tastefully presented visuals are the proven way to persuade audiences. Add a little enthusiasm and the mic will literally burst into flames, delighting an already awe-stricken audience. Of course, every flashpoint depends on a knowledgeable arsonist’s loving touch, so we work closely with you and your team to build an airtight case for your cause.
We understand why so many speakers scoff at the boring task of sense-making. Sometimes, it’s hard to think of an analogy for a multi-faceted corporate profile that ballasts an audience wrestling with a pesky little question: “Why am I here?”Themes, like myths or folklore, are how small- to medium-sized groups of people understand their role in the world around them. Without good storytelling, the neighborhood goes to crack and kitty-snatching, and from there we may as well be wild animals.Think of us as children’s book authors for adults. With a good story, you can tuck that audience away for the night feeling good about the world you’re raising.
For most folks, PowerPoint is like karaoke with clipart: type out the words you plan to say, insert a picture of teamwork, and call it a day. With this as a standard, we’re all better off in a bar with the bouncing karaoke ball.For our designers, PowerPoint is like a feeble middle school boy without a strong male role model at home. It stuffs into lockers and does as it’s told. Every Ethos3 designer is a perfect combination of Bill Gates and Andy Warhol, so pragmatism and precedent-shattering beauty are naturally occurring.