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Motion Design

10 years ago, you might have noticed a startling number of children playing portable video game devices or watching portable DVD players at restaurants. You might have been slightly annoyed.

Now, those children are in your workforce, making decisions, and changing the game. They’re intensely connected, but they are also lightning fast executors well-versed in using technology to their advantage.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has broken into the adult market, reintroducing bowling as an athletic option to nursing home residents and brain-sharpening games for their portable gaming system. So it’s not just the kids that are heavily reliant on motion-saturated information of late.

We’ve introduced motion design as a service because regardless of how the world changes, presenters need the tools and capabilities to enthrall an audience. Content is king, character paramount, expertise invaluable, and design mandatory, but motion design is life-giving. What’s more, motion design is completely customizable and flexible, so we can take your harebrained idea and use it to make the audience powerless in your grasp.

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