Tips and Tricks about Presentations

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When we say “logical,” what we are describing is “a proper or reasonable way of understanding something.” Creating a presentation logically means organizing the content in order to maximize audience understanding. Because our brains work in similar ways, there are definitely techniques to build your next presentation to enhance memory and engagement. Step One: Start Visually Visual learning is one of the best ways to ignite the synapses in brain that connect and help us remember. We also know that people prefer images. For instance, “articles with images get 94% more total views.” If you want to start creating a [...]


Imagine the perfect presenter delivering the perfect presentation. They can win over any audience with their confidence, knowledge, and delivery. What does this Hercules of presentations look and sound like? But most importantly, how can you adopt their effortlessly great habits? Here are a few key characteristics to work on if you want to be the best: 1. Confident Voice A confident speaking voice is clear, loud, unbroken, and avoids needless filler like “um.” It is a voice spoken from the chest that can land dates and convince an audience. But most importantly, it demands the audience’s attention. As Christine Jahnke, [...]


The term “Millennial” describes someone born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s, AKA Generation Y. But culturally, we recognize this group by their description in the  work called “Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation“. A short summary is as follows: “The authors also caught on early to some identifying traits of the Millennials that have been supported by subsequent research, such as their absorption of technology into their daily lives, as well as an indomitable confidence both in the future and in themselves — perhaps to a fault.” But what does that mean when you are presenting to a [...]


This is important. Perhaps the worst possible result after giving a presentation is to have your message be forgotten. You spend hours outlining your points. Days (or dollars) getting the deck put together. You do breathing treatments and yoga to try and relax before speaking, and then you get up there and put it all on the line in front of a staring audience. To have all this work and anticipation end in not just embarrassment but oblivion just sounds incredibly depressing. So how can we create a memorable presentation? We have to start by defining memorable. Basically, we mean [...]


Actions speak louder than words. We hear that all the time, and it is especially true when speaking in front of an audience. It’s the pinnacle of sadness when a presenter goes through all the hard work of developing a visually pleasing deck, practicing the presentation and creating really insightful content, and then loses the audience to some physical awkwardness once it’s go-time. Body language doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective (or, at minimum, to not detract from the presentation). In fact, many presenters are often able to incorporate body language into their on-stage “style”, taking comfortable behavioral [...]


Think about the many different ways we use our voice, from a blazingly fast auctioneer to the unique vocal styling of Louis Armstrong. Similarly, you wield a powerful instrument when you control your vocal tone in a presentation. According to Dr. Lund, when someone else communicates with us, we interpret the message in the following ways: 55% is based on their facial expressions and their body language. 37% is based on the tone of their voice. 8% is based on the words they say. If you still doubt the power of your tone of voice, here are a few related issues [...]