Tips and Tricks about Presentations

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We are so pleased to have our latest 7 Questions with Matt Eventoff, founder of Princeton Public Speaking. Enjoy! 1. I’d like to start out with a fun question before we begin. If you could instantly learn a skill, any skill at all, what would it [...]


Templates are the greasy fast food of presentations. They can fill in gaps for inexperienced chefs or quick fixes, but they just aren’t great for you. At best, a template can make your style consistent and can be wielded by people without design backgrounds. But [...]


Knowing your audience before you walk into a presentation will cue you into about the tone, length, engagement, and delivery of your content. For instance, imagine the difference between presenting to a group of football players versus a few astronauts. Even if your audience isn’t [...]


The Rule of Three is a classic writing principle that may also be slightly imbued with magic. It states that ideas or stories presented in threes are more memorable to the listener. Think of things in our culture that utilize this: “stop, drop, and roll,” [...]


Ethos3 prides itself on mastery of the presentation in all forms. We also realize that not all presentations happen in a corporate setting. In fact, when it comes down to the essentials, not much separates a great business pitch from an incredible sermon. Here are [...]


We believe most sales are lost when people start addressing the competition. No other subject uncovers our soft, white underbelly quite like what our competitors are doing, and it is here where we often unwittingly display our insecurities, our lack of character, and our self-serving, [...]


The Q&A is the most unwieldy fixture of public speaking, but also the most productive. Except when it’s not. Audience feedback breeds engagement, but also chaos. Doing it well depends on your ability to minimize the free-for-all tendency of large group feedback. If you want [...]


“There’s a large body of research that shows the emotional component of a message trumps the analytical.” – Carmine Gallo, Forbes The concept is easy to grasp and difficult to master: inserting genuine feeling into your presentation incites genuine response. This requires you to share [...]


The main thing everyone needs to understand about executives is that, despite what Dilbert and similar non-executive comfort-culture relics would lead you to believe, each and every executive is an intellectual force to be reckoned with. What Dilbert has right is that executives often have [...]


When we say “logical,” what we are describing is “a proper or reasonable way of understanding something.” Creating a presentation logically means organizing the content in order to maximize audience understanding. Because our brains work in similar ways, there are definitely techniques to build your [...]


The business plan presentation is an animal unto itself. Unlike marketing presentations (which depend upon emotional resonance, flair, branding and messaging) and sales presentations (which depend on logic, pricing, features and benefits), the business plan presentation requires a great deal of objectivity, sensibility and transparency. [...]


Imagine the perfect presenter delivering the perfect presentation. They can win over any audience with their confidence, knowledge, and delivery. What does this Hercules of presentations look and sound like? But most importantly, how can you adopt their effortlessly great habits? Here are a few [...]


The term “Millennial” describes someone born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s, AKA Generation Y. But culturally, we recognize this group by their description in the  work called “Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation“. A short summary is as follows: “The authors also caught [...]


This is important. Perhaps the worst possible result after giving a presentation is to have your message be forgotten. You spend hours outlining your points. Days (or dollars) getting the deck put together. You do breathing treatments and yoga to try and relax before speaking, [...]


With ever-increasing sophistication in marketing and IT, many presenters are finding that their presentation venues are shrinking. Many presentations, in one form or another, are sales presentations, and the automated identification and qualification of leads has many salespeople skipping the generic capabilities deck and going [...]


No one likes hearing bad news, but we all prefer some ways of hearing bad news more than others. Breaking bad news is an art form, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out early on that your “bad news presentation” will require a [...]