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This post was written by
Scott Schwertly

Scott is the Founder and CEO of Ethos3.

If there’s one thing a presenter should always keep in mind, it’s that the audience is the most important thing about a presentation. Because without an audience, there would be no reason to give a presentation at all. Therefore, making the audience feel as important as possible is essential– a feat that’s easily attained by maintaining eye contact throughout the delivery. Remember that your audience gave up something to be in the room listening to your presentation. Show them respect through appropriate eye contact. In the following video, our CEO Scott Schwertly discusses the importance of eye contact in presentations.

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  • Betty Foster

    I am definitely going to look out for a few of these in the coming months. Thank you for the recommendations.
    The best book on leadership that I have found was Leo Hamblins Attitude Reflects Leadership.
    A really simple to grasp, practical guide that shares some very intelligent and inspiring concepts.
    For me this is the must-read business book of the year.